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Bencool Services offers iSteam Cleaning, specially suited for users with allergy and asthma conditions. This steaming service uses solely water, thus leaving no chemical residue. At a speed of 170km/h, these microscopic hot steam particles effectively break down and dissolve even the most stubborn dirt. Bacteria is instantly destroyed and all dirt is completely removed.

Above video to showcase how does iSteam Cleaning work.

iSteam Cleaning
Horse Power Duration Price
9000 btu (1 HP) 40-45 mins $80
12000 btu (1.5 HP) 45-60 mins $100
18000 btu (2 HP) 60-75 mins $120

* Above pricing are based on wall-mounted fan coil units.
* Above pricing are based on NON-ERP charges and which carpark fees are below $2 per hour.
* Additional $10-$20 surcharge for CBD areas (e.g Sentosa / The Sail @ Marina Bay)